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Other services

  • investment committee support and input;
  • PowerPoint presentations;
  • report writing and editing;
  • preparation of/and editing of newsletters, stakeholder correspondence, speeches;
  • press releases; and
  • template creation for all reports, presentations, and correspondence.

I have been on an investment committee for over 10 years and for a group that has around $200M under management. I was on another committee with a similar amount of funds under management but resigned due to an illness in my family. We meet once a month and review broad economic headwinds, both locally and internationally, and discuss sector and ‘stock’ or ‘manager’ allocation. It provides me with a greater perspective on economics, government policies and cyclical, seasonal and structural trends. And while there is usually consensus, there are sometimes quite diverse and asymmetric views amongst the members.

In my 30 years as an analyst plus six years in the Australian Public Service in Canberra, you develop many skills and one of them is writing. I have written speeches for Federal Ministers and made many more myself, as well as written press releases for companies listed on the ASX and written and edited reports that have had international distribution. And there are many typical errors that people who lack experience make and usually it is confusing the messaging. Keep it simple, conclusion or summary upfront, use points rather than paragraphs and simple sentences and appropriate punctuation. Where extensive detail is to be included, it can usually be included in Appendices.

We also have access to a large network of people and organisations offering ancillary support services, including legal, financial, administration, and accounting/bookkeeping.

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